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Hi, I am Chris Dickey, a consultant with 30 years of software experience to solve your problems.
Faster SQL Server and web applications increase profits for my clients. They depend on high performance systems for success. I help my clients achieve that goal by delivering results based on a proven track record of success.

I am a graduate of the University of California, San Diego - UCSD in Management Science and Systems Engineering This web page lists the advanced technical training I have invested in to be an expert in the field of SQL Server and Microsoft Windows Server technologies. The combination of advanced training with over 30 years of practical experience developing software and configuring systems enables me to deliver technically accurate and effective consulting services. If you need to get on the fast path to SQL Server, contact me for expert assistance. Get the job done right.

Contact me today to discuss practical steps to achieve your business system goals: Email: info@TuneSqlServer.com
I will help you sort through the technical software and hardware options. Give your business a boost in productivity with a system that runs great.
Do you want to use Microsoft Azure? I can help you move a SQL Server database to Azure SQL Managed Instance.

SQL Server is the centerpiece of data storage for business and web based information systems. An often overlooked point is to make sure that SQL Server is properly tuned to run at top speed. You don't want to miss out on the high level of performance payback that SQL Server can deliver. I can help you ensure that SQL Server is running at its best. My background in high level mathematics, years of real world SQL Server tuning experience and advanced training have given me the skills to do the job right.

I have been working with Microsoft SQL Server for 30 years - since it was first released in 1989. My start on the Windows NT Server path was the 1992 Microsoft Professional Developers Conference. After graduating from the University of California, San Diego, I came up through the developer ranks of Pascal, Z80 Assembler, Fortran, LISP, C, C++, Win32 API, COM+, SQL and VB. Along the way I also studied TCP/IP networking and Microsoft server products. I attained the MCSE certification back in 1996.
Currently I specialize in SQL Server, C#, and .NET. I focus on attaining best performance and reliability while keeping a close watch on security. My skill sets and real world experience includes Microsoft server software development and configuration using the following building blocks: TCP/IP networking, Windows Server 2019 and C#. Security awareness is an important part of my skillset. The combination of SQL Server, Windows Server and development skills gives me a total system perspective to be able to do the job right. I have improved the performance of single server web sites and web farms with hundreds of concurrently connected users.

I offer you the very best up-to-date technical assistance. Use the great features of Microsoft Server software to improve your business efficiency and security. Give your business a competitive advantage by using SQL Server 2019 or 2017, Windows Server 2019 and .NET applications. I have the expert T-SQL, C# and .NET skills and experience to tune and build applications that take full advantage of the new Microsoft software technologies. Give your business the reliable, fast and secure information technology foundation that you need to succeed.

Advanced Technical Conferences and Training Chris Dickey Has Attended

Chris Dickey of cDickey.net consulting was quoted in June 2000 in this Computerworld article on .NET

Microsoft stakes future on .Net
June 26, 2000 (Computerworld) REDMOND, WASH. -- Microsoft Corp. bet its future last week on .Net, its vision of software services that live on the Internet. But initial reactions were skeptical, with users and analysts noting that the core technologies are unproven and that many key components are years from delivery.
Consultant Chris Dickey of CDickey.com in San Diego said .Net will probably be a hot topic at a developer's conference Microsoft is hosting the week of July 10. "The details will probably come out," he said.

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